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To Contact Your U.S. Members of Congress

Find your legislators online:


Call the U.S. Capitol Switch Board to Connect with your legislators office by phone:
(202) 224-3121
A switchboard operator with connect you directly with the legislator’s office that you request

To Contact Colorado’s State Legislators (Senators and Representatives):


It can be difficult to find local Medicaid physicians and dentists. The two WORD documents provided below include a list of providers that we are aware of. This is by no means a comprehensive list: if you are aware of Medicaid providers in your area that you feel comfortable recommending, please email the information to us and we will add it to the documents. Also, please let the provider know how important you feel their services are for Medicaid children, and that COCAF will be posting their contact information on our web site –hopefully this will be viewed as a form of advertising that may benefit their practice as well as our children.

Medicaid Physicians (doc)
Medicaid Dentists (doc)