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Teen Girls Program

The Healthy Adolescent Relationships Project (HARP)
Helping Teen Girls Learn about Healthy Relationships
Project Director: Anne P. DePrince, Ph.D.

Funded by the National Institute of Justice and University of Denver (DU), HARP tests two programs designed to help teen girls (ages 12-19) who have come to the attention of the child welfare system learn about healthy relationships. Program 1 teaches teen girls about: power in relationship violence; skills to build healthy relationships; and social influences on violence (e.g., media messages). Program 2 teaches teen girls about: safety in relationships, including how to recognize and respond to internal (e.g., her own emotions) and external (e.g., emotions, behaviors in others) signals about safety. Both programs are delivered in small groups and led by two graduate-level facilitators.

What is participating in the study like for teens?
• Teens receive 12 sessions of a prevention group at no cost.
• Teens receive $40/research evaluation for up to 4 research evaluations (up to $160 total).
• Food will be provided during group meetings.

What about transportation?
• Study activities take place at DU. DU is accessible by light rail and multiple bus routes (e.g., 21, 24).
• Teens receive $10/appointment to offset transportation costs (up to $190 total).

For more information (including a teen-friendly flyer), visit us at or contact the HARP office:

Phone: 303.871.4103 Fax: 303-871-7522 Email:

The research was approved by the University of Denver Institutional Review Board.