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Therapeutic Options

Building Healthy Attachments
Group Counseling for Foster/Adoptive Families

Highland Counseling Center is pleased to announce that we will be continuing to offer group therapy programs to foster and adoptive families. These groups will support development of healthy attachments as well as emotional and behavioral regulation. We believe that the best way to support this success is to increase awareness related to developmental needs, offer in the moment intervention and
guidance, teach effective parenting strategies, and develop community support between families.

Our groups run approximately 10 weeks and are intended to be fun and educational for both children and parents.

Highland Counseling Center is comprised of a team of independent professional counselors who are committed to developing community while serving community. Services offered include individual, couples, and group therapy. To learn more about Highland Counseling Center, visit:

Group Overview:
Approximately 10 weeks
Meets weekly, beginning:
April 6th, 2011
From: 5:30 to 7:00 PM

6-8 children and their parent(s)

Age Group:
7 - 12 years old

Fostering Healthy Attachments
Emotional Regulation
Increasing Parenting Strategies
Building Community Support
Understanding Developmental Needs

$20 per session or $200 total
* Funding assistance provided

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