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International Adoption

Families with Children from China, FCC: FCC is a nondenominational organization of families who have adopted children from China. The purpose of FCC is provide a network of support for families who have adopted from China, and to provide information to prospective parents.

Families with Children from Viet Nam, FCV: FCV is the adoption support network for families who have adopted from Viet Nam and for prospective parents who wish to adopt a child from Viet Nam.

Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption, FRUA: FRUA is a nonprofit support network for adoptive families with children from the former Soviet Union.

International Adoption ( Adoption services, professionals, support, legal resources, and information for present and future parents of internationally adopted children.

Joint Council on International Children's Services: The Joint Council on International Children's Services from North America (JCICS) is the oldest and largest affiliation of licensed, nonprofit international adoption agencies in the world. JCICS membership also includes parent groups, advocacy organizations, and individuals who have an interest in intercountry adoption. JCICS member agencies subscribe to established Standards of Practice designed to protect the rights of children, birth parents, and adoptive parents.

Child Welfare Gateway —Intercountry Adoption: This factsheet provides an overview of the process of adopting children from another country, from selecting an adoption agency to complying with immigration requirements. Child health risks, documents necessary for submission to the foreign court, cultural issues, placement procedures, and postplacement services are discussed. The factsheet also describes the forms required by the United States government for immigration and citizenship.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) – Information on Inter-Country Adoptions

U.S. State Department – International Adoption: The U.S. State Department, Office of Children's Issues, coordinates policy and provides the public with general information and assistance regarding the adoption process in over 60 countries. General guidelines on the process and procedures required in any intercountry adoption are provided in the International Adoptions Booklet. The site also provides information flyers/fact sheets on laws affecting international adoptions (e.g., the Child Citizenship Act of 2000, and the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption), as well as Country-Specific Adoption Flyers.