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Colorado Department of Education (CDE)

To Contact Your U.S. Members of Congress

Find your legislators online:


Call the U.S. Capitol Switch Board to Connect with your legislators office by phone:
(202) 224-3121
A switchboard operator with connect you directly with the legislator’s office that you request

To Contact Colorado’s State Legislators (Senators and Representatives):


Exceptional Student Leadership Unit: Exceptional Student Services Unit advocates for children/youth with disabilities and provides support and technical assistance to their families and to the educators who serve them. Information on this section of CDE’s Special/Gifted/Pre-K Index Page includes:

  • State Recommended Individual Education Plan (IEP) Forms & Instructions
  • Transition Services (from Secondary Education)Included are: a Transition Toolkit that provides resources, forms, and surveys to be utilized with students by parents and educators, an Options Handbook that provides information regarding in-state colleges, universities, and trade schools, and the disability services they offer. The site also provides contact information.
  • Information on Specific Disabilities
  • Laws and Regulations