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Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) Rules and Regulations

The majority of Colorado regulations affecting foster, foster-adopt, adoptive, and kinship families are included in the CDHS Rules and Regulations, Volume 7. Scroll down and click on 7 in the Table of Contents column, click on the sub-volume number (for example, 7.300 is the sub volume entitled Child Welfare Services ), then click again on the title. You can also view the entire text for any volume or sub volume without scrolling through the Table of Contents by clicking in the Display entire volume column. We have identified some of the more important sections relating to adoption and the adoption process, but recommend that you review all of Chapter 7 for a comprehensive understanding of Colorado adoption regulations (note: It is sometimes not possible to access the text by clicking in the Table of Contents column. If that is the case, try clicking on the text in the Display entire sub_volume column [second page]).

  • Section 7.203: Program Area 6 - Children in Need of Specialized Services
    Program Area 6 covers subsidized adoptions, and children whose goal is not reunification with birth parents. This section presents eligibility criteria and procedures.
  • Section 7.304: Placement Services
    7.304.21 - Placement Options, Kinship Care
    7.304.54 - Court Procedures Related to Permanency Planning
    7.304.55 - Court Procedures Related to Termination of the Parent-Child Legal Relationship
    7.304.72 - Rights of Kinship Care Providers
  • Section 7.306: Adoption Services
    7.306.1 - Pre-Placement Services
    7.306.2 - Placement Services
    7.306.3 - Post-Placement Services
    7.306.4 - Subsidized Adoption Services
  • Section 7.307: Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
  • Section 7.500: Resource Development
    7.500.2 - Assessment of Foster Home and Adoptive Home
    7.500.35 Adoption Resources
  • Section 7.710: Rules and Regulations for Child Placement Agencies
    7.710.63 - Interstate Adoptions
    7.710.64 - International Adoptions
    7.710.9 - Non-Public Interstate & Foreign Adoptions