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Mental Health

In Colorado, mental health services are provided by 17 Community Mental Health Centers, and by eight mental health managed care entities, known as MHASAs (MHASAs, through partnerships with the Community Mental Health Centers, provide care for Medicaid-eligible clients, and can be contacted using the phone number listed on your Medicaid card). The link below provides a listing of the Community Mental Health Centers, their contact information, and links to their sites if available.

Colorado Community Mental Health Centers

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Crises in Care
There is a national movement to develop and implement cross-systems collaboration – inter-agency ‘systems of care’ – to provide services for mentally ill and emotionally disturbed children; generally, the child-serving agencies include community mental health, child welfare, education, and juvenile justice. There is also growing awareness of the practice of out-of-home placements solely to obtain mental health services for children, and the inappropriateness of having to give up parental rights or being declared ‘dependency and neglect’ parents in order to access those services. Several organizations/agencies provide in-depth research and recommendations on these subjects, including:

A December 2003 column in the Rocky Mountain News summarizes a family in crisis – forced to give up their rights to their adopted, mentally-ill child because of the lack of available mental health services:

Fiercest of loves forces couple to give up mentally ill son (doc)